Abby Baron for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Seat 60

Abby Baron for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge

Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60
Los Angeles Times

“Prosecutor Abby Baron has received praise not just from police and crime victims’ advocates but also from defense attorneys, who cite her fairness and desire for a just result rather than a conviction at all costs.” 

– Los Angeles Times Endorsement

Ms. Baron is a child molestation prosecutor for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. She successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases involving the sexual abuse of children, homicide, rape, family violence, elder abuse, and stalking.

In her 14-year career for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Ms. Baron has been recognized by her peers, supervisors, and the media for her empathy, victim advocacy, and public service.

Ms. Baron’s commitment to the people of Los Angeles County – as well as her strong principles of justice and advocacy – fueled her decision to run for office. As a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County, Ms. Baron will continue to represent people fairly, ethically, and with compassion.

In an office known for complex prosecutions, Ms. Baron stands out for her achievement in People v. Sanchez, a case in which a man molested eight girls throughout California. Ms. Baron secured justice for the unspeakable acts that spanned almost 30 years, and rightfully earned the honor of Deputy District Attorney of the Month from the Los Angeles County Association of Deputy District Attorneys.

Ms. Baron is an expert in Criminal Law, and has also worked in Construction Defect Law, Insurance Law and International Law. This breadth of experience informs her decisions and will provide a solid base for her rulings in accordance with the law as an impartial and balanced judge.

Community Involvement

Ms. Baron regularly volunteers her time in community service, such as her involvement with Project LEAD and Crime Survivors.

In Project LEAD (Legal Enrichment and Decision Making), Ms. Baron spends time each week with fifth-graders throughout their school year. She teaches students practical skills for conflict resolution and fosters lifelong respect for education.

Project LEAD

Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60

Ms. Baron is a Council Member for Crime Survivors. She assists this organization in helping those who have been victimized and need resources so they can find safety and healing.

Crime Survivors

Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60
Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60

Ms. Baron volunteered her time with the Howard League for Penal Reform in Hackney, London, England. While working with this non-profit organization, Ms. Baron spent time in Coldingly Prison with inmates who were taught graphic design skills and were paid a market wage. When the prisoners finished their term, they possessed a free-lance skill and the money they had earned to help them begin their new careers. While with the Howard League for Penal Reform, Ms. Baron also helped fight for women’s and children’s rights and representation in the British legal system.

Howard League for Penal Reform

Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60


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Ms. Baron is a clear choice: serious about justice, and unrelenting in the pursuit of truth. Her integrity alone would make her an excellent Los Angeles Superior Court Judge.

Honorable Amy N. Carter
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Site Judge, Torrance Courthouse

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Ms. Baron is intelligent, highly ethical, and has a great demeanor for the bench. She faces each challenge with grace and commands respect without arrogance. She will make an excellent judge.

Honorable Michael Shultz

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[Ms. Baron] has consistently demonstrated a high level of intelligence, professionalism… and superior judgment. She always conducted herself with utmost integrity, which was noticed and appreciated by opposing counsel as well as all who interacted with her…I have no doubt Ms. Baron will make an exceptional judge.

Honorable Tammy Chung Ryu

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Ms. Baron is highly respected by her peers, both for her legal acumen and her high degree of professionalism and ethics. Her legal skills and knowledge are second only to her passion for justice and empathy towards individuals involved in the criminal justice system. As she is now a well-respected member of the bar, so shall she be a respected and valuable asset to the Bench.

Liliana Gonzalez
Special Assistant, Deputy District Attorney

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Abby Baron is one of the most reasonable, intelligent and considerate prosecutors I have ever encountered in my 15 years of practicing law. She is not swayed by the court of public opinion and is rather guided by her integrity and keen intuition. There is no one more qualified for the bench than Abby Baron.

Lou Shapiro
Criminal Defense Attorney

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Abby Baron is fair, bright, well organized, and knows her way around the courtroom. Her demeanor is extremely pleasant, welcoming, and approachable. These qualities are what will make Abby a bench officer that the people of the State of California and the County of Los Angeles will be proud of. Friends, spread the word – we need and deserve people like Abby on our bench!

Bruce McGregor
Criminal Defense Attorney

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Ms. Baron is fair, smart, knows the law, and has the demeanor to be an excellent judge. She will be an asset to the bench.

Honorable Lynn D. Olson

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Abby Baron is a fine lawyer who has appeared in front of me many times.  I have found her to be smart, well-prepared, professional, and easy to work with.  I believe these qualities demonstrate that she will be an excellent judge.

Honorable Edward B. Moreton, Jr.

In 15 years of practicing law I have worked with and for a lot of judges. Abby Baron has a natural balance of ethics and empathy that will make her an excellent Judge. She is well respected by judges, colleagues, and defense attorneys alike because she is smart, fair, patient, and personable. These qualities ensure that she will treat the lawyers, parties, and cases that come before her with fairness. 

Emily D. Baker
Former Deputy District Attorney, Podcast Host, and Legal Analyst 

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Abby Baron is a rare commodity – She’s both a fearsome trial prosecutor and a fair representative for the people, seeking justice for victims and defendants, alike.

Craig Kirkwood
Deputy County Counsel, Former Deputy Public Defender

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I’ve seen Ms. Baron interact with my child abuse victims in the utmost empathetic, kind, warm and professional manner. I looked forward to working with Abby because she was a go-getter, always fair and fought for justice!  Abby would make a wonderful judge.

Terry Johnson
Veteran Police Detective

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Ms. Baron is intelligent, ethical, fair, compassionate, hardworking, prepared, respectful, patient, and has the trial experience and judicial demeanor to be an excellent judge and an asset to the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Honorable Laura Walton

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Ms. Baron commits herself to fighting for those who have been wronged, no matter who they are or where they came from. This commitment to the integrity of the process and the respect of the individual will make her a great judge. 

Patricia Wenskunas
Chair, Crime Survivors PAC

Efrain M. Aceves
Maria Lucy Armendariz
Mark S. Arnold
Neetu S. Badhan-Smith
David A. Berger
Nicole C. Bershon
Terry A. Bork
James R. Brandlin (Ret.)
Amy N. Carter
Tony Cho
Sean D. Coen
Alfred A. Coletta
Pat Connolly
Shannon K. Cooley
Andrew E. Cooper
Christopher W. Dybwad
Laura Ellison
Miguel Espinoza
Kelvin D. Filer
Elden S. Fox (Ret.)

Christopher J. Frisco
Danielle R.A. Gibbons
Rene C. Gilbertson
Danette J. Gomez
Hector E. Gutierrez
Randolph M. Hammock
Lynne M. Hobbs
Altus W. Hudson
Clay H. Jacke II
Kelly M. Kelley
Karla D. Kerlin
Shannon Knight
Lana S. Kim
John J. Lonergan
Katherine Mader (Ret.)
Teresa P. Magno
Scott T. Millington
Adan Montalban
Edward B. Moreton, Jr.
Carol J. Najera

Reginald Neal
Ricardo R. Ocampo
Lynn D. Olson
Joseph R. Porras
Sherry Powell
Julian C. Recana
Tammy Chung Ryu
William L. Sadler
Keith L. Schwartz
Michael Shultz
Thomas R. Sokolov
Emily T. Spear
Kevin Stennis
Teresa Sullivan
Gary Y. Tanaka
Yvette Verastegui
Pamela Villanueva
Joel M. Wallenstein
Laura Walton
Mark E. Windham


Officials & Organizations

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12 
International Union of Operating Engineers
Local 12

IATSE Proudly Endorses Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60

 IATSE Local B-192

SEIU Endorsement SEIU Local 721


Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Proudly Endorses Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

San Pedro Democratic Club

 San Pedro Democratic Club

West Hollywood Beverly Hills Democratic Club endorses Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60

West Hollywood / Beverly Hills Democratic Club

Young Leaders PAC Young Leaders PAC


Los Angeles County District Attorney   Steve Cooley, Former District Attorney LA County

Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff's Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs 

Abby Baron for Judge endorsed by Hawthorne Police Officers Association

Hawthorne Police Officers Association

Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County Association of Deputy District Attorneys For Los Angeles County

Inglewood Police Officers Association


Torrance Police Officers Proudly Endorse Abby Baron for Superior Court Judge Seat 60 

 Torrance Police Officers Association


Crime Survivors PAC Crime Survivors PAC


Santa Monica Police Officers Association Santa Monica Police Officers Association

Los Angeles Police Chief's Association

Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association


Rodney G. Tanaka City Council Member City of Gardenia         

         Brad Beach           Vice President of ABC   Unified School District  

LA County Deputy  Probation Officers’ Union AFSCME Local 685


Chuong Vo Mayor Pro Tem City of Cerritos

          Hans Liang          City Council Member  City of Monterey Park 


In The News

Baron for Judge quote icons

Sandy K. Roxas, Esq., Roxas Law, APC

People v. Benjamin Ramierez

In 2018, my client was shot to death by her estranged husband after being served with divorce papers. This is every family lawyer’s nightmare, but for me, my client, and our community, it became reality. Thankfully, Abby was the prosecutor in charge of bringing justice for my murdered client, her family, and the community. Abby was compassionate, patient, fair, and professional throughout the entire process. She possesses an unmatched ability to connect with anyone. Throughout the trial, she kept a calm demeanor, even temperament, and was always respectful to the court, the witnesses, and the defendant. Without a doubt, Abby has the qualities of a judge that we need on the bench.

Ms. Baron was honored by being invited to present to the Domestic Violence Death Review Board for the case of People v. Juan Rodriguez as well as the case of People v. Luis Villanueva, and the Child Homicide Review Board for the case of People v. Rodrigo Hernandez. During these meetings, all disciplines’ perspectives are discussed to find what factors should have been noticed earlier, what the community and organizations can do to help prevent these types of crimes from happening with outreach, and what can be learned to help individuals in the future.

Judge Tammy Chung Ryu


[Ms. Baron has the] extraordinary ability to make everyone around her feel respected and comfortable. [She is able] to encourage and empower victims of traumatic child abuse to testify… with courage and openness. She possesses this unique character and skill, which I have not seen in any other attorney in my almost twenty years on the bench.

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